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    What The Critics Say

    “An evening of brilliant instrumentality….”

    – Swallow Hill Music Association, Denver, Colorado

    “Acoustic Eidolon offers concert-goers a chance to absorb some of the most powerful and intriguing music on the scene today.”

    Good Life Magazine, Georgia

    “Acoustic Eidolon is contemporary instrumental music par excellence….offering warm, emotional melodies.”

    – Steve Ryals, CD Review

    “….a sublime acoustic duo…”

    Boulder Weekly

    “A sumptuous instrumental feast”

    Dirty Linen

    “I just wanted to let you 2 know that I don’t when (if ever) my soul has been as deeply touched by a musical performance as it was this past Saturday night in Houston! I truly feel honored to have been able to experience the musical magic you create…you’re the REAL DEAL! Impeccable songwriting ability, highly personable stage presence, the art of making your audience laugh at one song and bawl their eyes out during the next…WOW! I know you 2 put so much hard work into what you do to enrich the lives of so many people, and for that, my thanks go far beyond what words can express. I look forward to spending another evening with you 2, hopefully again here in Texas…but, since I have family in Colorado it might just be in your beautiful state.”

    – Kevin, fan in TX

    “Pure musical poetry…a moving combination of Celtic, classical and contemporary folk!”

    – Simon Collier, Crusaid England

    “I listen to a lot of acoustic instrumental music, and I find that the music of Acoustic Eidolon stands alone in its elegance and unusual sound. The music is passionate, etheral and lush. Joe’s unique double-neck instrument sounds like a guitar at times, but it can also sould like a mandolin, a hammered dulcimer or a banjo – and Hannah’s cello playing is simply magnificent.”

    – Otto Bost, Host/Producer

    “Superb musicianship, Joe’s quick humor, Hannah’s wall-to-wall smile and infectious charm, easy grace, and audience rapport. That’s Joe and Hannah, that’s Acoustic Eidolon.”

    The News Reporter, Washington, GA

    “I am actually speechless. You guys are so incredibly talented, and such awesome performers!! I have been a musician and singer for 40 years and have never encountered anything quite like your concept! It simply is beyond belief what you accomplish with the instrumentation you have … but one must be mindful of the incredible talent you guys have been given. You have a devoted fan from this point forward I assure you.”

    – fan in Colorado Springs, CO