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    Welcome to the stories of Acoustic Eidolon!  This page is an ongoing blog of road stories, bumps and triumphs, and hope.  Please come visit us often here for “a cup of tea on the porch”…

    Tea on the Porch with you all!

    Welcome, Friends!  As we launch this new website and are in the midst of our 17th year of Acoustic Eidolon, we decided to create a place for “Tea on the Porch” where we tell you little bits of touring, our lives, our hopes, and hopefully stay connected with your stories as well.  We love that you join us on social media (see links through icons all over our website to access us!), and the conversations there inspire us and motivate us and warm our hearts.  Maybe everyone feels this way, but it seems our audience (that’s you!) is so giving and supportive, and that you’re truly on this journey with us as we roll through the years.

    So what’s currently the topic on the porch?  It’s that we are fresh and official empty nesters, with our youngest son, Zach, currently at CU Boulder studying Media Production and all forms of digital art and storytelling.  He’s on his own journey now, and we find ourselves on the porch, looking at each other and realizing we are also now on our own journey, this time as Acoustic Eidolon without having any boys here at home anymore.  In a way, this has been a “Wow, can you imagine when…” moment, and in other ways, it’s a heartbreaking to be closing a chapter that has brought us through so many years of our lives so far.  (Yes, we’re working on the song but it’s still being lived too…)

    So with this new website, we start a new chapter in our own personal lives as Joe and Hannah aka Acoustic Eidolon, just the two of us.  We look forward to the extra time and opportunities to be together, be creative and explore even more styles and pieces of music, and to travel with perhaps extra days here and there to explore or look around or sit and talk with some of you along our journey.  We feel deeply appreciative for our health, our joy, our opportunities, our future, and even the brokenhearted moments now from having raised 3 boys that we love and admire deeply and now miss!  Thanks for being along with us here, and we’ll keep you posted again soon with more “Tea on the Porch”!