• Stage Plot & Technical Rider

    What We Request



    This is an integral part of the performance contract. We recommend that you read this carefully so that we may all support each other and create a wonderful performance for your audience. Questions about any of the following should be directed to the Booking Agent – Joe Scott, 970-391-4985

    Parking: AE usually tours in a minivan. Please have a place reserved to park near the stage or load-in area. AE appreciates any help you can give them with loading in/out.

    Sound system: AE requires a PA system with 4 inputs for smaller indoor venues and 5 inputs for larger or outdoor venues. PA should also have 2 monitor mixes for all venues. PA MUST HAVE PHANTOM POWER. AE always carries their own microphones/DI boxes and do not need mic stands. Please download and print our stage plot with all requirements.

    Stage/Lighting: AE sets up downstage center. They need one armless chairs (for cello) and one medium-height stool (for guitar), and 4 electrical outlets for power. They only take up about 8X6 feet of stage, so with that in mind you can plan on how much light the audience needs to see them. AE is very visual in their performance and they sit down to play, and ideally should be ELEVATED ON A RISER OR STAGE. All outdoor performances must be covered and pre-approved. It is nearly impossible to perform outside in the winter, or if the temperature drops below 60 degrees. Plants and rugs are appreciated to dress the stage area up.

    Dressing rooms: AE will need a place to change and warm up before the show, and access to a restroom near the performance area. This should include a place to hang clothes, a couple of chairs, water, and hot herbal tea when possible. The room needs to be warm.

    Meals: AE likes to eat prior to their performance and appreciates having a meal provided. You need to feed 2 people. AE prefers chicken or red meat, with lots of veggies and rice. Please no dairy products (milk/cheese/yoghurt) or raw tomatoes. AE will accept a buy-out for dinner in the amount of $15.00 per person.

    Lodging: One room for _____ night(s) with a king size bed preferred, no smoking, ground floor (if no elevator) with parking located off the street. AE will have a lot of equipment to unload every night. Hannah is allergic to cats. Lodging should be near the location of the performance.

    Billing: Unless otherwise noted on the face of the contract, Acoustic Eidolon will receive 100% of the billing for this show. Eidolon is pronounced (“idle on”). Artists are Joe Scott on double-neck guitjo and Hannah Alkire on cello.

    Promotional Materials: We want to do whatever we can to support your efforts for this show. Let us know if you need any promotional materials. We can provide up to 30 full-color 11×17 posters upon request (downloadable version here). If you wish AE to make a promotional appearance, do a meet and greet, talk on the radio or television, they enjoy this but please ask before you commit them to anything.  AE prefers receptions/meet & greets to be arranged for AFTER the concert.

    Merchandising: AE appreciates a well-lit area to display and sell merchandise along with a volunteer who might help. AE will need at least a 6′ table for sales, and larger if possible. AE will supply the change bag/visa machine for this. Joe and Hannah will sign autographs after their performance. AE receives 100% sales of all AE merchandise.