• A Tree Finds Its Voice: From Forest to Song (DVD) – 2018


    Acoustic Eidolon’s new documentary film chronicles the making of their matched cello and guitar, the lives of the instrument makers, and how they intertwine with Hannah and Joe’s own remarkable journey.
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    Released Nov, 2018

    This DVD chronicles a once in a lifetime partnership between two brilliant instrument builders and two visionary musicians who met over a slab of wood from a tree that was over two centuries old. Through their efforts, this wood was given a second chance at life, and the results have created a unique soundscape that started on a forest floor and now resonates around the world.

    Follow the story of Acoustic Eidolon – Joe Scott and Hannah Alkire – as they celebrate the re-birth of The Tree. Wood and wire. Craftsmen and songsmiths. A cello and a guitar. A compelling collaboration that has become a true force of nature as a tree finds its voice.

    Special Features:

    • “A Tree Finds Its Voice” Music Video
    • ┬áThe Rest of the Story (candid interview with Joe and Hannah)
    • An Unexpected Surprise
    • Chris Dungey Meets Lynn Harrell

    Sample Track:


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